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How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented in Men?

There are two types of hair loss. One of these types is male pattern hair loss. In male pattern hair loss, baldness starts from the top area of the head. Although baldness in men is usually genetic, environmental and psychological factors can also cause intense hair loss in some people.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn?

Hair has a special importance and value for women. Hair lets people to look cooler and stylish by instantly changing their appearance. Hair is very important not only for women but also for men.

How Do You Know Your Shampoo is Herbal?

With the development of technology, it is now easy to make fake versions of every product. The products that people buy with great expectations can cause frustration because they are fake.

Shampoo for Dry Hair

Hair is one of the most sensitive and fragile parts in our body. Hair types differ from person to person, so not every hair care product is good for everyone. Some people's hair gets more affected by sun rays or heat in general, while some people's hair is more affected by cold or dust.

How to Use Liquid Conditioner in 5 Steps

Hair, which has a fragile and sensitive structure, has various needs to become healthy depending on the hair type and hair problem. Every hair has different needs and hair care products it needs vary.

Garlic Shampoo for Hair Loss Problem

When it comes to herbal shampoo, one of the first things that comes to our mind is garlic shampoo. The vitamins and minerals in garlic are very important for hair health and are very beneficial for the hair.

Intense Hair Loss During Pregnancy and Postpartum

What causes hair loss in women? Is hair loss normal during pregnancy and postpartum? The answers you are looking for are in our blog post!

What Are Different Hair Problems?

What are the common hair problems? What causes hair loss and how can you prevent hair loss? You may find all the solutions in our blog post!


What is Procyanidin shampoo, which is a very effective product for oily hair and dandruff? You may find the benefits of Procyanidin shampoo against hair loss in our blog post!

Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

What are the products that can be used against hair loss and hair breakage problems? Details are in our blog post!

How to Use Shampoo for Hair Breakage and Hair Loss Problems

Why should you use shampoo and serum for hair loss and hair breakage problems? You may find all the answers in our blog post!

Herbal Serum

You can find everything about herbal serum against hair loss, its content and its benefits in our blog post!

Hair Care with Horsetail Plant

Horsetail plant contributes to the healthy growth and development of hair with its great benefits. You can find everything about hair care with horsetail plan in our blog post!

Hair Care Tips for Different Hair Types

Every woman's hair from straight and thin to voluminous and curly hair is different and beautiful. You may find hair care tips depending on hair types in out blog post!

Great Innovation Against Hair Loss: Bioblas Procyanidin Shampoo

BIOBLAS is renewed with Procyanidin, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, and herbal serum with phytovitamin & mineral additives. Procyanidin which is obtained from grape seed reduces the harmful effects of free radicals and supports healthy hair growth, and regains the healthy appearance of the hair over time.

What Causes Dandruff? How to Get Rid Of It?

What causes dandruff? Let's learn how to get rid of dandruff which is a big problem that many people encounter!

Benefits of Black Garlic for Hair

The benefits of black garlic for hair and all the details about black garlic are in our blog post!

Postpartum Hair Loss

Is hair loss after pregnancy normal? Precautions that can be taken against hair loss after birth!

Does Fallen Hair Grow Back?

Does the hair that has fallen out grow back again?

How to Use Hair Mask

What is hair mask? How should you use hair mask? Read our blog post for step-by-step guide.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

What is the secret of the healthy and natural appearance that argan oil which is the most preferred product of natural care brings to the hair?

Why does Hair Get Greasy? Causes of Greasy Hair

What is the reason for greasy hair? Key points you should be careful about to take care of greasy hair!

Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair

Each hair type has its own specific characteristics. Oily hair care consists of two separate parts: preventing the hair from getting oily and keeping the hair healthy.

How to Hydrate Hair in Summer

Our hair, which is a complementary part of our appearance, especially in terms of aesthetics, is very important for each individual regardless of their gender and age. In order for our hair to look healthy and beautiful, we need to provide the same care that we provide for our body in general, but as long as our hair does not give us the warning "I need care", we do not take care of it and we have difficulties in hair care, especially in the summer, so what we get in response is dull, faded and dry hair.

How to Nourish Your Hair

The most important step to have healthy hair is nourishing the hair well. Well, how can someone nourish their hair? How can we nourish our hair and what can we do about it? Is it enough to nourish the hair with conditioner?

How to Choose Hair Conditioner?

Our hair is constantly damaged during the day. It may lose its shiny image over time, and if it is too neglected, it may fall out. At this point, the importance of hair care emerges. First of all, hair care is the expression of the value that you give to your body. Those with lively and shiny hair feel good and leave a positive image in terms of body language.

2020 Hair Fashion and Hair Care Tips

Hair fashion changes every year. In some years, hair fashion returns to the past, while in some years, alternative and innovative hair models become popular. In 2020 hair fashion, we can observe a transformation to hair trends of the 70s and 90s that still have not lost its trend. 

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Shampoos

Organic shampoo is a type of shampoo obtained by using natural herbs and organic extracts, in addition to cleansing, foaming, softening and shelf life extending base chemicals. This type of shampoos must have an organic certificate. In general, organic percentages are indicated on the packages of these types of shampoos. Shampoos with a value between 60% and 100% are classified as organic shampoo. 

How Does Ginseng Affect Hair Health?

Ginseng, which is called the root of heaven and the wonder of the world, is the king of herbs used to heal certain diseases for years in China, Korea and India. The plant, whose full name is panax ginseng, is a very useful herb for our body. The roots of the plant are frequently used for medicinal purposes.

Oily Hair Problem in Men

One of the most common hair problems that men experience is hair that gets oily easily. Since oily hair tends to get dirty more quickly, it is far from the desired strong and voluminous appearance.  Men with oily hair should first solve the problem of oily hair in order to have strong and voluminous hair.

Shampoo Recommendations for Colored Hair

Hair dye is very harmful to the hair because of the chemicals in it. The hair color is lightened with the substance called oryal that damages the hair heavily so, it is a very harmful for the hair. Hair that is exposed to dye becomes broken and damaged, and it needs special care. When choosing shampoo, strengthening and restorative special care shampoos should be preferred.

What Are The Benefits Of Grape Seed For Hair?

Grape seed is an undiscovered miracle for hair care. Products with grape seed and grape seed extract are ideal for people who want their hair to be alive and healthy, but also do not want their hair to be exposed to chemicals.

What Does SLS Stand for? What Are the Harmful Effects of SLS?

The substance known as SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is an irritant substance. This chemical, which is easily absorbed by the skin, takes place in the skin for a few days. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate can also react with various chemicals and turn into nitrosamines known to be carcinogenic. So, where is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate used? What are the harmful effects?

7 Best Herbs that are Good for Hair

Hair gets damaged quickly and therefore, it needs to be taken care of well to look healthy. Selecting natural methods and ways to make the hair look more voluminous and fuller is the right choice for those who want natural care. So, what are the plants that are good for hair? Let's examine together.

Choosing Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

It is very important to choose the shampoo depending on the hair type. Different types of products are produced for different hair types such as dry or oily. Which shampoo is the best for which hair type? Let’s find out together.

Do Hair Follicles Die? Why Do Hair Follicles Die?

If your hair is dying from the roots and falling out, you can save your hair before this problem goes further. A healthy person has between 150-200 thousand hair strands. Hair forms in the scalp, grows, completes its life, falls out and renew itself in the end. So naturally, even a healthy person experiences 60-100 hair loss per day.

What is a Trichologist? What does a Trichologist do?

You can contact the hair specialist for the care of your hair and diagnosis of your hair health. You may find detailed information about hair specialists below. Hair specialists, known as Trichologists, work to maintain hair health and to produce instant solutions if there is a problem. A trichologist is expert in scalp, hair, hair tips and hair follicles and can diagnose potential or current problems in your hair and, if there is a problem, he/she can take necessary action to treat it.

How to Take Care Of Your Hair

For hair care, you should follow some steps before shower. With the hair care methods you apply to your hair before shower, you can strengthen your hair follicles; and with hair masks you use on your hair, you can make your hair more alive and shinier.

What Should Thyroid Patients Do About Hair Loss?

The thyroid glands, which are responsible for metabolism, are one of the glands that help produce energy. Sometimes, if thyroid glands function more slowly than usual, a condition called "hypothyroidism" occurs. One of the consequences of this condition, known as low thyroid, is the hair strands and eventually, hair loss.

How to Get Rid Of Split Ends

Do you want to find a solution for your split ends instead of having a haircut? Then say goodbye to split ends by following our advice.
First of all, let’s talk about why split ends occur. Dry hair, poor-quality shampoos, applying heat to the hair (such as a blow dryer, curling iron), drying the hair and chemical treatments dry the hair by damaging it. As a result, your hair may look bad due to dryness and split ends.

What is Phytosterol? What are the Benefits of Phytosterol Shampoo for Hair?

Phytosterol (plant sterols) are plant compounds similar to cholesterol, found in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They are white and have a light characteristic odor. They are insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols. Phytosterols help to lower the cholesterol ratio and to protect the cardiovascular health. It is also used in medicine and cosmetics.

Why Does Sebum Production in Hair Increase or Decrease?

Sebum production in hair sometimes increases and decreases. So, what is sebum and what are the factors that affect sebum production? Sebum is a light colored and waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. While sebum moisturizes the skin, it also protects against external factors and prevents water losses in the skin. Sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in the body consists of 57% triglycerides and fatty acids, 26% wax esters, 12% squalene and 5% cholesterol.

Editors of Elle - Formsante – Elele Recommend Bioblas Procyanidin

Hair loss is an important problem for women too. Bioblas Procyanidin shampoo series with grape seed extract, which is an effective solution against hair loss, may be the answer you are looking for against hair loss.

Conditioner Recommendations for Dry and Damaged Hair

People whose hair has been exposed to too much styling processes complain that their hair becomes dry and loses its vitality. There may be many different reasons for the dryness and damage in hair, such as hair washing habits, the character of the hair and using poor-quality products, but it is possible to restore the hair to its former health by using the right conditioners.

The Miracle of Garlic to Strengthen Your Hair

Today, the majority of people complain that their hair is falling out and being sparse. In addition to hair care products used to make hair thicker, natural methods are also very popular lately. 

Hair Care Routine for Oily and Shedding Hair

Oily and shedding hair is a common problem for both men and women. There may be more than one reason for oily and shedding hair. Many factors such as stress, weather conditions, malnutrition, genetic factors, drugs, age and gender cause hair loss and oiliness.

What is Hair Serum?

What is the hair serum that we use to take care of our hair? What is its effect on hair? For detailed information, you can read our blog post below.

Hair Problems and Treatments

Causes of hair loss, which is common among hair problems, and how to prevent it? You may find solutions for different hair problems in our blog post!

Healthy Hair with the Most Effective Shampoo Types

What are the shampoo types based to hair problems? You may find effective shampoos based on hair type and against hair loss in our blog post!

Hair Care Shampoos for Dyed or Colored Hair

How to care for colored hair, shampoo recommendations for colored hair and more are in our blog post!

Herbal Shampoo

What are the benefits of herbal shampoo for those looking for a herbal solution against hair loss? You may find the details in our blog post!

What is Biotin? What are the Benefits for Hair Health?

What are the effects of biotin on hair health? All the details about Biotin are in our blog!

Seasonal Hair Growth and Hair Loss

You can take a look at our content for scientific explanations about seasonal hair loss and growth!

Natural Care for Hair

Which oils are good for hair and what are the benefits of these oils?

What Causes Split Ends?

With Bioblas, it is very simple to return your broken, damaged and thin hair to its old days!

How to Get Shiny Hair

There are many methods to have healthy and shiny hair. You can easily and quickly have shiny hair with Bioblas' hair care products as well as natural food sources. Take a look at our advices before worrying about what to do for shiny hair.

What are the Habits that Damage Your Hair?

What are the habits that damage your hair?

Should Hair Conditioner Be Used Before or After Shampoo?

Many people are still looking for the answer to the question of what conditioner does. Hair conditioners are used to add moisture to the hair, to make the hair easy to comb and soft. They also help your hair become healthier.

How to Protect Color-Treated Hair

Nowadays, hair dyes are used by almost everyone, men or women. Dyes, which are corrosive in terms of hair health, change tone due to sunlight and various reasons and become unwanted. UV rays emitted from the sun affect the hair dye and cause fading in the hair color.

Using Conditioner on Curly Hair

Hair is the most important part of our appearance. For this reason, it is seen that problems in hair and hair health directly lead to psychological disorders and affect our work and social life negatively. Many people, men and women, want to complete or change their appearance by adding a different shape to their hair.

Do Hair Conditioners and Masks Work?

Using conditioner has become a must in our daily life because, over time, the ends of our hair can be damaged by some physical effects (washing, combing, heat styling, sun, sea and pool water) or chemical processes (coloring/perm/straightening).  

How to Apply Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner?

The shampoos you use not only clean the dirt from your hair, but also remove the oils that are healthy for your hair. This is why your hair is sometimes not nourished enough and becomes lifeless and dull. It may even fall out in the end. Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner with its beneficial ingredients and argan oil helps you to take care of your hair and repairs the damage caused by daily routines.

What are the Benefits of Nettle Oil for Hair?

Natural oils are an important part of people's hair care routines. Nettle oil is one of the natural oils that add extra volume and shininess to the hair and support healthy hair growth. Let's examine nettle oil and its benefits together.

What Causes Static Hair? How to Get Rid Of Static Hair?

Static hair is a hair problem that affects many women in certain periods of their life. It is mostly seen in thin and long hair and causes the hair to look unhealthy, and become difficult to comb and style. The reason for static hair should be examined and you should take care of your hair accordingly.

New Botanic Oils Shampoos and Hair Care Products for Those Who are Looking for Natural Care for Hair

The new Bioblas Botanic Oils Series that provides sensitive and intensive care for your hair type with natural and organic ingredients and serum additive that contains organic oils is with you to fight against hair problems.

Thanks to its serum additive that contains organic oils, it reduces the effect of external factors on the hair and extends the life of the hair by nourishing it. It prevents hair loss.

Great Innovation Against Hair Loss: Bioblas Procyanidin Shampoo

BIOBLAS is renewed with Procyanidin, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, and herbal serum with phytovitamin & mineral additives. Procyanidin which is obtained from grape seed reduces the harmful effects of free radicals and supports healthy hair growth, and regains the healthy appearance of the hair over time.