What is Phytosterol? What are the Benefits of Phytosterol Shampoo for Hair?

What is Phytosterol? What are the Benefits of Phytosterol Shampoo for Hair?

Healthy looking, shiny, strong and easy-to-comb hair structure begins to deteriorate due to bad hair care methods that have been applied over time, wrong cosmetic product selection, irregular diet, chemical treatments and environmental factors and problems such as hair breakage, loss, dullness, slow and unhealthy hair growth may occur. For this reason, it is necessary to use the right hair care products for your hair structure in order to have healthy and strong hair.

When we talk about right hair care products, we mostly think of products with natural ingredients. That’s why, most women who do not have healthy hair prefer herbal shampoo. But every herbal shampoo does not work as we think, so it is important to buy it by paying attention to its content. Well, if you ask what should be in the content of the shampoo we are looking for for healthy hair, here is Phytosterol.

What is Phytosterol?

Phytosterol (plant sterols) are plant compounds similar to cholesterol, found in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They are white and have a light characteristic odor. They are insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols. Phytosterols help to lower the cholesterol ratio and to protect the cardiovascular health. It is also used in medicine and cosmetics.

What are the Benefits of Phytosterol Shampoo for Hair?

Phytosterol, which is obtained from ivy leaf extract, provides healthy hair and scalp and plays an effective role in healthy hair growth. It also nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and hair strands. Therefore, it prevents hair loss. In this way, while the hair grows healthily, it also gets cleaned, becomes shinier and seems mora alive than before.

With the flavonoids, vitamins and minerals in it, the phytosterol shampoo increases the durability of the hair and gives fullness to the hair by thickening the thin hair strands. It is also effective in fixing damaged hair. Thus, you may have healthy and strong hair.

If you want to grow your hair healthily and stop your hair loss by feeling the proven effect of the active ingredient Phytosterol obtained from ivy leaf extract, you should use a phytosterol shampoo definitely. In this way, your troubles such as "my hair does not grow at all, my hair falls out a lot, my hair is very weak" will disappear and you will shine with your hair.