BIOBLAS develops products with HERBAL CONTENT
against hair loss.

Biota Laboratories develop herbal products to provide effective, long-term solutions to hair loss and hair with herbal content for more than 10 years with the Bioblas brand.

Bioblas, introduced to the Turkish market in 2008, created many innovations in the hair loss market. Bioblas and beauty together with its innovative products. It synthesizes different plants to harness nature’s countless benefits, combining them with cutting-edge technologies. Bioblas' revolutionary products against hair loss now offer a 100 percent herbal solution with the newly developed Organic Oils series, meeting the everyday hair beauty needs. Bioblas products are offered in chain stores, discount stores and reach consumers with local chains and perfumeries with thousands of points of sale in Turkey with accessible prices.  

Biota Laboratories’ efforts to create global brands has gone into high gear, with a series of overseas product launch successes and inroads into the international export market. Today, Biota products are sold in 42 countries around the world from South Africa to Russia, Saudi Arabia to Australia. With an impressive list of awards received in Turkey, Biota Laboratories is constantly attracting attention with its achievements and awards in the markets it has ventured into with various products, always aiming for better, different, more innovative with viable R&D and consumer researches. Biota offers solutions that meet different consumer needs from every market segment at different points of sales. It maintains its leadership in the industry by offering purely herbal and natural solutions through its channles for pharmacies and retail market. Biota’s distribution channel through pharmacies offers Bioder, Bioxcin and Nutraxin, covering more than 24,000 pharmacies all around Turkey. Bioblas, Restorex and Biota59Elements on the other hand, are sold in thousands of retail points from hypermarkets to chain stores and perfumeries.

In Chairman Cihat Dündar’s words:

Biota... This is actually a story of 10 years. A success story that extends from market leadership in Turkey to export to 40 countries of the world with revolutionary brands. This journey that started with a dream that we had years ago in 2002 continues with achievements both in Turkey and all over the world.

To start off the journey, we derived our power from nature. We tried to explore its miracle, the miracle of 59 elements. The human body is composed of 59 elements. These elements are also found in the soil. It is for this reason that Biota believed in the power that could come about out of the cooperation between mankind and nature. It used science and worked on human health and beauty, using these 59 elements infused by plants from the soil. In addition to the rich flora of Anatolia, we believe in Turkish scientists and dermatologists. Propelled by a passion for their work and respect for both people and nature, our dedicated and hard-working team harnessed the health and beauty provided by plants for the good of people. Years of intensive investments in R&D led to the innovation of our range of products that we proudly offer for sale in all pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarkets in Turkey. Our success in Turkey and all other international markets we successfully entered is nothing short of a clear indication of consumer satisfaction and trust in Biota. Biota's goals have always been big. Achieving big goals requires new investments by working hard and trusting the future. Therefore, Biota continues its efforts as Turkey’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and ranks now third among Europe’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. In our new production facilities, built on 35,000sqm of indoor area, hundreds of members of the Biota family research and produce the best for human health and beauty. Again, thousands of them work hard to bring these products to you. As always, Biota will be right beside consumers with its new products offering 100% herbal solutions.