Causes of Dandruff

Dead cells in the form of flakes shed from the outer surface of the skin are defined as dandruff. Dead cells on the surface of the human skin that renew themselves under normal conditions are replaced by the new cells below. In the dandruff problem, this process has accelerated and the flakes can become visible because of a large number of cells excreted.

Another important factor in dandruff formation is oily hair that is not washed for a long time. Dandruff occurs for both internal and external reasons. It is caused by insufficient care, hormonal disorders, excessive sebum secretion and due to various health problems. The lack of minerals and vitamins may also cause dandruff.

When does dandruff formation begin ?

The dandruff problem usually starts with adolescence and reaches the highest point in the 20’s. The reason for this is due to the hormonal changes. The sebum secretion in the scalp increases with puberty and in return dandruff formation increases.

How do we get rid of dandruff ?

  • Vitamin D will be good for fighting against dandruff. For this purpose, going out to the sun daily will be good for the hair.
  • Hair styling - often supports the formation of dandruff during the straightening of the hair and damaging the scalp.
  • It is very important to get enough zinc in the prevention of dandruff. For this, a diet based on vitamins, protein and minerals should be preferred.
  • Since hair cleaning is very important because it prevents dandruff formation, if it is not cleaned regularly, harmful chemicals and dust will penetrate your scalp and may cause dandruff.
  • Stress is one of the important factors of dandruff formation. if avoided, dandruff formation will be minimized.
  • Hair should be cleaned with natural shampoos. It is necessary to avoid shampoos that contain large amounts of chemicals.
  • Since the weather is too dry in the winter months, extra care should be taken for the hair. Due to the dryness of the air, you can massage and care the scalp with natural oils.
  • Eating carefully and regularly is an important way to prevent dandruff.