Oily Hair Scalp

Producing more sebum on the scalp than normal causes the hair to look more greasy.

Causes of oily hair

Oily, dry, combination and dry skin types are conditions that can be found in hair type classifications. In other words, oil glands in some people's scalp produce more sebum than the others, therefore, causing their hair to become oily faster. Since there is more hair on the scalp, the number of sebum glands is also higher than other areas.

In addition, irregularities in hormone levels due to age can cause the hair to become oily.

During pregnancy and adolescence, when hormone levels are constantly changing, it is considered a natural condition to have oily hair faster than normal. This is also true for men who experience hormone irregularities for any reason.

Ways to deal with oily hair

  • In order to remove the oil accumulated on the scalp, care should be taken to clean the hairs regularly.
  • Changing the diet towards low-fat and healthy foods will help regulate the oil balance of the hair.
  • Hair should be combed as little as possible, the oil will spread faster in frequently combed hair.
  • Special shampoos used for oily hair will regulate the oil balance of the hair.
  • A constant touching and playing with the hair during the day will cause the hair to become more oily.
  • Hair creams should never be applied directly to the scalp. Because when the scalp interacts with these products, there will be more oil on the hair.
  • Hair should be properly cared for as needed.