Dry Hair Scalp

There are multiple reasons that can cause the scalp to dry. The scalp is vulnerable to outside effects. In addition to shampoos and hair care products that are not suitable for your hair, the use of hair dryer at high temperature are among the factors that damage the scalp and have a drying effect.

Dry scalp symptoms

Dry hair does not contain appropriate amount of moisture and feels dry as specified. The natural oil (sebum) created by the sebaceous glands of the scalp makes the hair healthier, lively and shiny. Sebum in the hair causes the hair to retain its moisture.

  • Dry hair has a dull and pale appearance and too much breakage occurs due to combing. These visible fractures create a fork-like effect on the hair fibers. People with dry hair do not have enough lubrication. People with dry hair do not have enough sebum on their hair. It is possible to see the most obvious sign of dry scalp on the hair fibers.

Care / Treatment

  • People with dry hair must use special shampoos especially hair care products with repair and moisturizing properties. In addition, gentle hair brushes should be preferred to prevent further damage to the hair. It is possible for them to make their hair healthier with a regular hair care.