How Does Ginseng Affect Hair Health?

How Does Ginseng Affect Hair Health?

The king of herbs used to heal certain diseases for years in China, Korea and India is the plant ginseng, which is called the root of heaven and the wonder of the world. The plant, whose full name is panax ginseng, is a very useful herb for our body. The roots of the plant are frequently used for medicinal purposes. Ginseng is very important against hair loss. Its amino acid derivatives stimulate new cell growth and act as messenger proteins inside the cell.

Benefits of Ginseng for Hair

Is ginseng beneficial for hair? Does ginseng nourish the hair? Does ginseng help hair growth? You may find the answers of all these questions below.

  • It has a protective effect on damaged hair.
  • Provides strength, flexibility and energy to the hair.
  • Keeps moisture in the hair longer.
  • Increases softness and makes the hair shiny.
  • Prevents hair loss with its components.
  • Revitalizes the weakened hair follicles.
  • Accelerates hair growth.
  • Increases the division and reproduction of basal cells by treating the scalp.
  • Fights against dandruff and itching problems.
  • It balances the oil secretion.

Ginseng Shampoo

There are a lot of benefits of ginseng for hair. You should prefer shampoos that contain ginseng to repair and energize weak hair from the bottom to the end, to increase and strengthen the resistance of the hair. You should be really careful while choosing the right shampoo. The product you buy for its benefits may also cause more damage to your hair. The shampoo you choose should not contain harmful chemicals such as sles, paraben, phthalate, and sulphate. Bioblas is the most preferred brand because it does not contain chemicals that we have mentioned and has natural ingredients. Bioblas shampoos containing ginseng may be your preference in order to restore and strengthen your hair while protecting it from harmful chemicals at the same time.