2020 Hair Fashion and Hair Care Tips

2020 Hair Fashion and Hair Care Tips

Hair fashion changes every year. In some years, hair fashion returns to the past, while in some years, alternative and innovative hair models become popular. In 2020 hair fashion, we can observe a transformation to hair trends of the 70s and 90s that still have not lost its trend. While following the hair fashion, the most important detail is to decide on the style by considering hair care.


The cornrow braid model, which was really common in the 90s, is a candidate to be the most hit hairstyle of 2020. The cornrow, which is a bit similar to herringbone, is formed by taking a thin strand from the hair and braiding it backwards. 

Voluminous Hair

The hit hairstyle of the 70's, voluminous hair is among the preferred models of 2020. It is quite easy to make a voluminous hairstyle that offers a romantic look, it is a model that you can get quickly by embossing the hair with a comb and styling it with the help of foam. 


Ponytail, which was popular in the past years, is also one of the hair trends of 2020, but there is a detail that distinguishes this year's ponytail from previous years. Tying the hair at the nape area of the head is what makes this year’s ponytail different. While tying the hair, you can get a more pleasant look by leaving the upper part of the hair loose.

Slick Back Wet Hair

Giving both femininity and masculine style, slick back wet hair is among the most popular models of 2020. Using stabilizer is suggested for this hair style to help it keep its form.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs is still one of the most popular styles of 2020. The most practical way to get a masculine look is definitely blunt cut hairstyles. The most important detail to consider is that you should focus on the shape of your face if you want to get bangs.

It is very practical and easy to apply these models to your hair, but you should not neglect hair care while applying the models. The golden rule of hair care is to choose the right product. Bioblas offers you a unique hair care experience with its wide range of products that are suitable for the hair type of women who do not know which product to buy. You can have stronger hair by using argan oil that restores your hair health with shampoo.