What are the Benefits of Nettle Oil for Hair?

What are the Benefits of Nettle Oil for Hair?

Natural oils are an important part of people's hair care routines. Nettle oil is one of the natural oils that add extra volume and shininess to the hair and support healthy hair growth. Let's examine nettle oil and its benefits together. 

What is Nettle Oil?

Nettle is a herbaceous flowering plant found in the Urticaceae family. Nettle, which can be grown in almost all regions of the world, is very rich in nutritional value. Since the leaves of nettle irritate the human skin, its oil is generally used. It is known that nettle and nettle oil have been used for various diseases for years, and have been preferred for hair care recently.

Benefits of Nettle Oil

When nettle oil is used regularly, it helps to regenerate lost hair. Hair loss is a problem that many people have and it is very difficult to find a solution. The fact that nettle oil has a stimulating structure for hair follicles and cells activates micro hair hairs. The hairs that are activated begin to be nourished and grow over time. Nettle oil, which is also rich in omega-3, vitamins and minerals, heals the scalp. Using nettle oil shampoo has a slowing effect against hair loss.

Nettle oil heals your scalp. The scalp is actually the main source of many hair problems we experience. Since the scalp is affected by external factors very quickly, conditions such as hair loss and oily hair are observed. Nettle oil protects the scalp against all these external factors.

Nettle oil also has an antioxidant effect. It protects the walls of the cells in the hair against bacteria. Nettle, which has the power to destroy harmful effects of harmful bacteria by separating them into molecules, is a very rich C and E vitamins. The herb, which has important effects such as repairing the scalp and accelerating blood circulation, is one of the indispensable hair care routines.

One of the most important features of nettle is that it fights dandruff. Due to air pollution, malnutrition, improperly used products, excessive use of hair straighteners, the scalp dies over time and dandruff problems begin. Nettle has the ability to regenerate the scalp and stimulate dead cells in the scalp, which eliminates the problem of dandruff.