Do Hair Conditioners and Masks Work?

There is a layer of scales on the hair that protects the hair against damage and splitting. Thanks to this scale layer, the hair preserves its moisture, remains flexible and can grow. When our hair loses its shiny look, when there is a problem of hair loss, when it is damaged, when it is static, when it starts to tangle, the main problem is that the scaly layer of the hair is probably damaged.

Ideally, the scale layer of the hair should cover the hair as much as possible. While shampoos aim to clean the hair by opening the scale layer, the conditioner helps the hair to repair itself by closing the scale layer of the hair. Hair conditioners protect and repair the hair from outside.

Especially if you have long hair, a conditioner can be a great option for you. Situations such as tangling of the hair are common problems and conditioners prevent this. Applying the conditioners correctly is important. It should be applied to the ends of the hair, not to the roots. In addition, it should not be kept in the hair too long, it should be rinsed within 1-2 minutes after it is applied. Otherwise, it might damage the hair.

Some conditioners can be harmful for the hair as well as beneficial because of the harmful chemicals they contain. So, choosing products such as Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner, which has made its name in hair care field and proven its efficiency, will help you restore your hair.  

Thing You Should Pay Attention to While Applying Hair Conditioner

  • It is sufficient to use the conditioner 1 or 2 times a week. Too much can disrupt the mineral and moisture balance of the hair.
  • It is important to use brands that are very well-known. Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner is one of the leading products in this regard.
  • When choosing a conditioner, choose a conditioner according to your hair type. Never apply conditioners to the scalp.
  • Do not leave the conditioner in your hair longer than necessary. This can be harmful to your hair.