Why does Hair Get Greasy? Causes of Greasy Hair

Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body for all of us. We all cut, dye and shape our hair as we desire. However, when we constantly play with our hair, we are left with problems such as oily and greasy hair.  Oily hair is a situation that everyone hates the most and, just because of it, people sometimes do not even go on dates, join events and participate in meetings. There are many anti-greasing shampoos on the market, but even these shampoos can cause the hair to become oily quickly. Of course, when even shampoos make the hair oily, issues such as how to apply the right hair care leave a big question mark in people's minds. So, here are some information about hair!

Why does Hair Get Greasy?

The sebaceous glands under our scalp produce a certain amount of sebum every day. It also helps the hair look shinier. This is exactly why our hair looks much brighter than normal when oiled. Of course, hair and scalp problems can be caused by different reasons. During periods of change in hormones such as adolescence, pre-menstrual period and pregnancy, we encounter the problem of oily hair more frequently. Oily hair is a more common issue in men. The amount of the activities performed during the day and the testosterone hormone are also factors that increase this rate of oil. However, washing hair frequently can be beneficial or harmful depending on the scalp. While there is no harm in frequent washing of short and non-dyed hair by using special shampoo for oily hair, it is recommended for people with dry, dyed and curly hair to wash less frequently. Therefore, by determining an average frequency of washing and using shampoos specially produced for oily hair such as Bioblas, you can have healthier hair.

Haircare tips for greasy hair

You can choose anti-greasy shampoo and hair care products that are intended for daily use, do not dry the hair and have a soft texture. For anti-oily hair shampoos, horse chestnut extract, chamomile, rosemary, aloe vera, lemon, orange extracts are among the shampoo types that should be preferred. We can list a few details you should pay attention to for oily hair below:

  • Wash your hair by massaging,
  • Avoid excessive use of hot water while taking a shower,
  • Avoid combing your hair frequently,
  • During drying, air dry your hair with cold mode of the dryer instead of hot heat.