How to Use Hair Mask

How to Use Hair Mask

Hair is the accessory that we nourish with shampoos, conditioners and various oils. We always try to make it look good with these ways, and it is one of the first things that comes to people’s minds when we talk about daily personal care. Shampoos, conditioners and various oils you use daily or once in two days may not provide the beauty you desire for your hair. In such cases, it is necessary to talk about hair care masks.

Hair Mask

Although you cannot include it in your daily hair care routine, a hair care mask which is a personal care method that you will enjoy and feel good while applying once or twice a week is usually used to repair and moisturize the hair. You need to leave almost any hair care mask on your hair for 10 minutes. It should not be forgotten that, just like our skin, our hair can be affected by various factors such as environmental factors, nutritional habits, stress, and such situations can damage our hair. Before answering the question of how to use a hair care mask, it is better for you to know the real problem of your hair and what it really needs.

Before and After Shower

Almost all of the hair masks applied before or after the shower are formulated based on rinsing. While the masks formulated to be applied in the shower are generally intended to moisturize the hair weekly, the ones before the shower can be kept on the hair for 20-45 minutes, sometimes even overnight. How to use a hair mask and what is the correct use? These are questions that may have personalized answers, because hair care masks differ depending on hair types, and not every mask is applied to every hair type. If you have oily hair, you should choose masks that do not weigh down the hair, but for dyed hair, you should prefer hair care masks produced specifically for dyed hair.

In general, it can be said that the major benefits of hair masks can be listed as having softer, stronger and shinier hair, having healthier scalp, providing moisture for the hair, less frizz and decreasing the amount of breakage. The instructions should be read carefully before applying the hair mask. The hair care mask should not be left more or less on the hair than indicated on the package of the product. It should be rinsed as directed.