How to Nourish Your Hair

Although there are many researches and substances to nourish and strengthen hair, expert dermatologists emphasize that the only substance that can nourish hair is a protein called "keratin" and says that hair can only be nourished from the root. That’s why, the best thing you can do to your hair is to follow a healthy diet. Shock diets and bad diets that do not meet the needs of sufficient vitamins and minerals can damage the whole functioning of your body, including your hair. You should have your blood tests done regularly under the supervision of a doctor.

Changes in the appearance of the body indicate that something is wrong inside. Hair loss and breakage are among these signs. No hair falls out for no reason. A diet containing sufficient biotin, protein, iron, zinc and folic acid is very important, the lack of these reflects on your hair negatively.

The most important issue for hair health is the content of the diet. Protein-deficient diets put the hair follicles in a resting period and conserve protein. Intense hair loss can be seen within 2-3 months following these heavy diets.

Using Chemicals

Chemical shampoos, conditioners, gel, hair dye and similar chemical-containing products can damage the hair. The result of using these products that disrupt the original structure, moisture balance and root health of the hair is generally hair loss and weak hair strands. Instead of chemical products, you can use hair conditioners after every shower.

You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while taking care of their hair is washing the hair every day. Not allowing the hair to regenerate in this way damages the hair as it prevents the hair from being nourished with its own oil. Also, hair is more fragile when it is wet. Wet hair should be dried with soft towels and low setting on dryers. Rough and hard brushing can damage the hair and make it look dull, which eventually can cause hair loss.

Shaving the Hair Does Not Make It Stronger

The only reason the hair is strong is that the hair is nourished properly. Processes such as cutting or shaving the hair have no effect on the health of the hair. "If you shave the hair, it will come out lush" is an urban legend and it is not true. Remember, hair is nourished from the root, and the health of the roots depends on your diet and daily routines.