Choosing Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Choosing Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

It is very important to choose the shampoo depending on the hair type. Different types of products are produced for different hair types such as dry or oily. Which shampoo is the best for which hair type? Let’s find out together.

Shampoo Recommendation for Dry Hair

The hair of people with dry hair type usually looks matte. That’s why, this hair type requires extra care. People with dry hair should prefer nourishing and balancing shampoos. Shampoos for dry hair should not contain additives, artificial colors or alcohol. Herbal shampoos balance the moisture of dry hair, so the hair looks more vibrant.

Shampoo Recommendation for Oily Hair

People with oily hair type should pay more attention to hair care than others because oily hair has the potential to look oily even a few hours after washing. In order to control this kind of oily hair, shampoos specifically produced for oily hair should be preferred. Shampoos that are produced for oily hair focus on balancing the sebum balance in the hair. Balancing the sebum gives the hair a healthy and vibrant look.

Shampoo Recommendation for Normal Hair

Those with normal hair types are those who have the ideal scalp. The hair of these people does not get oily within 24 hours after washing. Therefore, the balance of oil and moisture in the scalp and hair should be kept the same with the products you use.  Since sebum production is not too much in this type of hair, you should not use hair care products that reduce the amount of oil in the hair.