Oily Hair Problem in Men

Oily Hair Problem in Men

One of the most common hair problems that men experience is hair that gets oily easily. Since oily hair tends to get dirty more quickly, it is far from the desired strong and voluminous appearance.  Men with oily hair should first solve the problem of oily hair in order to have strong and voluminous hair.

Why Does Hair Get Oily?

There are oil glands under each hair strand. These oil glands constantly produce an oil type called sebum. The increase in sebum causes the hair to appear oily. There are some factors that cause more sebum to be produced in the hair. These are;

  • Touching the hair often
  • Exposing the hair to extreme heat
  • Washing the hair too often
  • Hormonal imbalance

Oily Hair Problem in Men

While the sebaceous glands are much less active in childhood, the production in the sebaceous glands increases with puberty. Fat glands expand due to hormones during puberty. These glands are under the control of testosterone, which is predominantly seen in men. For this reason, oily hair is more common in men than women in adolescence.

How to Prevent Oily Hair in Men

Choosing the Right Shampoo for the Hair Type: Men with oily hair should only use special shampoos for oily hair that nourish the hair. Shampoos produced specifically for dry or normal hair types will make the hair oilier.

Choosing the Right Hair Styling Products: Hair stylers in the form of jelly cause the hair to have a more sticky and oily appearance. Mousse and spray make hair look less greasy.

Water temperature: The temperature of the water used while taking shower is also very important in oily hair. Hot water disrupts the sebum balance of the hair and causes it to produce more oil. For this reason, especially at the end of the shower, using warm or cold water and keeping cold water on the hair can delay the hair getting oily.

Washing the Hair Too Often: Washing the hair too often to remove the oil in the hair actually causes the hair to become oily faster. For this reason, washing the hair every other day instead of washing it every day extends the greasing time of the hair.