Should Hair Conditioner Be Used Before or After Shampoo?

Should Hair Conditioner Be Used Before or After Shampoo?

Many people are still looking for the answer to the question of what conditioner does. Hair conditioners are used to add moisture to the hair, to make the hair easy to comb and soft. They also help your hair become healthier.

There are products with many different effects according to hair types, but there are basically two types of conditioners. These are regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners. Usually, regular conditioners are preferred as they benefit all hair types.

Opinions on how conditioners should be applied are still a matter of debate by many people. Some argue that it is necessary to wash the hair with conditioner first and then shampoo it. They say that this cleanses the hair from all dirt and makes the hair treatments more effective. Some say that the conditioner should never be applied to the scalp, and it is healthier to apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair and neck area after shampooing because the conditioner is a product that is difficult to remove from the hair due to its structure, therefore, applying conditioner first may cause deterioration and loss in hair health.

After shampooing, the conditioner is applied to the ends of the hair and combed from top to bottom, allowing it to blend well into the hair strands. This moisturizes all hair ends and prevents hair ends to split. It softens the hair and makes it look more alive. It is best to use conditioner in this way.

Applying conditioner to dirty hair before shampoo causes the dirt to stick to the hair and the conditioner does not fulfill its purpose properly. The cleaner and wetter the hair, the more effective the conditioner is. For this reason, after cleaning the hair with shampoo, it is necessary to get rid of the excess water of the hair thoroughly before applying the conditioner, and to make the hair wet moist a bit. This allows the conditioner to hold onto the hair strands as much as possible. In excessively wet hair, the conditioner slips away and cannot do its job due to its texture. It is necessary to use conditioner by paying attention to these points. If you pay attention to these, the conditioner will show its benefit.