Do Hair Follicles Die? Why Do Hair Follicles Die?

Do Hair Follicles Die? Why Do Hair Follicles Die?

If your hair is dying from the roots and falling out, you can save your hair before this problem goes further. A healthy person has between 150-200 thousand hair strands. Hair forms in the scalp, grows, completes its life, falls out and renew itself in the end. So naturally, even a healthy person experiences 60-100 hair loss per day.

In fact, this is not hair loss. It is the regeneration phase of the hair that has completed its life. However, in order for it to be reformed, the hair follicle must be strong. If the hair follicle dies, your hair gets thinner and new hair does not replace the lost hair. It is a sign of baldness since the hair starts to fall out more than 60-100 strands and cannot renew itself.

Why Does Hair Follicle Die?

While there is genetic hair loss in men, hair loss due to anemia in women is risky because hair can be strengthened with right care in situations such as hair loss caused by intense working tempo and stress or not eating well. However, since hair loss due to genetics and anemia is about hair follicle, if you delay in taking precautions, your hair follicles may die.

What Happens If Hair Follicle Dies?

If hair follicles die, they cannot grow back. As the hair loss continues, you will notice that it starts from the front and goes to baldness. In men, hair follicles die due to genetic hair loss and DHT hormone. In women, hair loss due to anemia is a risky situation to grow new ones because when strands fall out due to anemia, they die.

How to Tell If Hair Follicles are Dead or Alive?

If your hair falls out more than necessary and there are white spots on the ends of the lost hair, it means that your hair has fallen from the root. If you cannot grow new hair within 2 months, it means that your hair follicles are dying. It is easy to solve this problem by normalizing blood values in women. In men, the problem can be solved by blocking the DHT hormone.