Does Fallen Hair Grow Back?

Does Fallen Hair Grow Back?

Everyone who has experience hair loss has asked himself/herself the question of whether the fallen hair will grow back. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal changes or external factors, as well as it can be caused by genetics. If hair loss occurs without a specific factor, this indicates that the hair follicles are weakened.

Various methods can be used to reduce or stop hair loss. In addition to various foods that provide healthy nourishment for hair, various hair care products that strengthen hair follicles can be used to prevent hair loss. Although the hair follicles are weakened, if they are still present, the hair follicles may regrow and become stronger. Each hair strand has a lifespan, and hair strands that have completed its lifespan falls out. On average, 100 hairs per day can be considered normal, but if there is a noticeable gradual increase in the amount of lost hair, this may create a problem. 

Why Does Hair Loss Happen?

Hair loss can happen due to environmental factors, hormone changes, seasonal factors and more. Every strand of hair falls out over time. But there is a certain limit for this. If the hair falls out more and more day by day for no reason, it may be better for you to use hair care products that will heal the hair follicles to slow down and prevent the hair loss process.

Stress-induced hair loss generally grows back on its own as time passes. The most important factor that prevents regrowth of hair loss may be genetics. If you do not have strong and healthy hair genetically, it may be very difficult for your hair to fall out and regrow. Hot treatments applied to the hair can also weaken the hair and cause them to fall out. Therefore, you should avoid from the heat treatments such as blow dryer and curling iron. One the other reasons can be aging. As we age, our metabolism may not work as before, so there may be a delay in the repair of some parts of our body. In this case, our body cannot help hair follicles to regrow and therefore, we may experience hair loss. As a result, hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. To minimize hair loss, necessary food supplements can be taken to and hair care products needed by our hair can be used.