Editors of Elle - Formsante – Elele Recommend Bioblas Procyanidin

Deniz ÜNALDI:  Hair loss is annoying for everyone. Unfortunately, this situation is more common among women than men. My hair has become very dull, lost its volume and begun to fall out due to the fact that my hair strands are very straight, and was exposed to the effects of dye and sunlight during the summer. While looking for a solution to this problem with natural ingredients, I met with Bioblas Procyanidin Grape Seed Extract Shampoo Series. Even after the first time I used it, I realized that the hair loss largely stopped and my hair started to look more voluminous and alive. Bioblas Argan Oil, which I use for my hair to gain moisture, nourish it and make it shine brightly, did not make my hair heavy and helped it restore its healthy appearance. Now, my hair care routine only consists of Bioblas Argan Oil and Bioblas Procyanidin Shampoo…

Duygu HAKSUN:  Seasonal changes, stress and washing it too often cause my hair to fall out without even realizing it. Especially for those who have long and fine hair like me, every hair that is lost is a nightmare. Those who need a rescuer that will strengthen and restore weak, lifeless, dull hair like me, should try the new Bioblas Procyanidin Grape Seed Repair Shampoo without waiting. With the antioxidant effect of grape seed against hair loss and herbal serum content that contains phytovitamin and mineral, it nourishes and strengthens my hair and gives it volume. Moreover, it is good for frequent use, ideal for those who wash their hair every day, like me. Another good thing I do for my hair is definitely Bioblas Organic Oils Argan Oil. I seem to hear my hair thanking me when I make the final touch with argan oil, which both nourishes my hair and makes it soft and shiny. :)

Deran ÇETİNSARAÇ:  Since I have a hair loss problem, I choose shampoos from the ones with anti-hair loss properties. Since products that aim to solve hair loss issue have made my hair dry, I cannot use these products happily. Bioblas Procyanidin anti-hair loss shampoo, thanks to its natural ingredients, both reduces my hair loss and does not cause any further drying. I get the same result even when I wash my hair every day. Moreover, the Bioblas Organic Oils Argan Oil prevents my hair from getting static. The fact that this product can be applied not only to the ends of the hair, but to all hair except the roots, is the best feature that I like the most. In this way, I style my hair with this oil without the need for another styling product after showers. Thanks to this duo, my hair care ritual has completely changed.

Filiz ŞEREF:  If you have a thin hair structure that can often lose its volume, life can sometimes be difficult. The procedures performed to prevent this can cause hair damage that is difficult to repair. This was the main reason why I gave up doing and having operations such as hairdryer, blow dryer and tongs except for special days about 7-8 years ago. Making my hair shine with its original, natural and, most importantly, healthy form is my biggest dream when it comes to my hair. While trying to achieve this purpose, products that support hair healthy become your best friends. By the way, I have tried many products and of course there have been many good products among them. However, it can be a bit boring to have to give up on its softness while providing volume. In other words, every good product may have flaws that do not feel good, but that we have to bear with. Bioblas's product for thin hair has made my life incredibly easy by providing the features I was looking for a long time! There is also a main feature that prevents hair loss, especially during the transition period of seasons, increasing the dose of happiness by regenerating the lost hair. Also, Bioblas' Organic Argan Oil is definitely one of the best oils produced for hair.