What is Hair Serum?

What is the hair serum that we use to take care of our hair? What is its effect on hair? For detailed information, you can read our blog post below.

Shampoos are formulas used to clean and take care of our hair. After all, they are kept on the hair for a few minutes and rinsed off. However, a formula that will help the hair follicles and scalp should be a permanent product that shouldn’t be rinsed. Such formulas, which we call hair serum, are are this group. Hair serums can be applied to give volume to the hair strands, or they can be prepared to prevent hair loss and fight dandruff.

What are the Benefits of Hair Serums?

Hair serums can be used to make the hair shiny, strong, ease-to-comb and they give volume to the hair. In this case, natural vegetable oils such as jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil are used. Today, volatile and permanent silicone polymers are also used in hair care in the form of serum. The fact that a formula consists of natural ingredients is a great advantage for both hair and skin. To fight hair loss, it is the most effective way to make a serum from herbal extracts with proven effectiveness and safety and apply it to the scalp. Among the plant extracts used are also plants such as nettle, ivy, chamomile, garlic. Thanks to the flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, serum from these plant extracts, and when the product stays on the skin for a sufficient time, they show an anti-hair loss effect on the hair follicles. It is because the applied product will stay with the hair follicles more and there will be enough time for it to show its antioxidant effect.

How to Use Hair Serum

Serums can be used alone or with a shampoo. When it is used against hair loss, the hair is washed with shampoo against hair loss several times a week, and serum is applied at least twice a week. It may be necessary to continue the procedures for at least 12 weeks to get a visible result. In product selection, it would be best to choose dermatologically tested products with proven effectiveness and reliability.


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