Conditioner Recommendations for Dry and Damaged Hair

People whose hair has been exposed to too much styling processes complain that their hair becomes dry and loses its vitality. There may be many different reasons for the dryness and damage in hair, such as hair washing habits, the character of the hair and using poor-quality products, but it is possible to restore the hair to its former health by using the right conditioners.

Moisture Support for Dry and Damaged Hair

The biggest factor that causes dry and damaged hair is the lack of moisture in the hair. This is even more common in people whose hair has been exposed to a lot of styling processes. Just as we keep our skin moist and prevent it from drying out, the same is true for the hair. When the hair is dehydrated and dry, split hair is seen especially at the ends. For this reason, conditioners that moisturize hair should be used to make your hair healthier. Bioblas' liquid conditioner, produced for dry and damaged hair, protects the natural flora of the hair with its formula containing collagen and keratin, helps to moisturize and repair the hair. In addition, the hair care cream for dry and damaged hair in the Botanic Oils series repairs the hair ends with the argan oil in its content and makes the hair look healthy again.

Argan Oil for Dry and Damaged Hair

Argan oil, obtained from Argania Spinosa seeds grown in Morocco, is usually sold in its pure form, but is now widely used in hair care products. Thanks to its richness in omega, argan oil is extremely beneficial for hair. It moisturizes dry hair, nourishes hair roots, helps repair hair ends and gives hair a lively and shiny look. Argan Oil conditioner, which is in the Botanic Oils family of Bioblas, is applied to the hair after you wash your hair with shampoo. It helps to repair and strengthen dry and damaged hair, moisturizes the hair and supports the hair to have a soft texture. Bioblas Liquid Argan Oil Hair Conditioner is applied after the bath and is not rinsed. By affecting all the hair, it helps the hair to be combed easily and moisturizes of the hair follicles.


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