What Causes Split Ends?

For every woman who cares about her hair, having healthy and well-groomed hair may be the most important thing. Despite various hair care treatments; weather conditions, chemicals or styling products that we are exposed to over time can cause hair to dry and break. There is generally one common solution for split ends: Getting a haircut. Split ends will cause the hair to look dull and unhealthy if precautions are not taken. Therefore, factors that will cause hair breakage should be identified and necessary precautions should be taken. When it comes to hair care, don't just think of shampoos and conditioners. Our hair needs vitamins and minerals as much as our body. It should also be ensured that vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, biotin, keratin are adequately taken into our body.  

What Causes Split Ends?

Most of the time when people find a hair product that is considered good for hair, they use it without knowing the fact that there are different hair types. In addition, people mostly don’t pay attention to what the hair actually needs. For example, if you try to treat a very dry hair with an anti-greasy shampoo just because you heard the shampoo from someone you trust, the hair becomes drier and more broken. First of all, the structure and problem of the hair should be identified, and then the factors that may cause hair breakage should be removed from the individual’s life. So, what are the reasons of split ends?

  • Factors that give excessive heat to the hair, such as a hair dryer and excessive sunlight, cause hair breakage.
  • Chemical treatments applied to the hair such as dyeing and perm affect the natural structure of the hair negatively and give a green light for hair fractures.
  • Using a comb with tight teeth is not the right choice for hair care.
  • Washing the hair every day causes the hair to dry and break as it disrupts the oil and PH balance of the hair.
  • Gathering the hair too tight can be given as another reason for split ends.

How to Fix Split Ends

Natural solutions can be applied for split ends using cures such as olive oil, avocado, egg, honey and banana.

Using haircare products such as Bioblas that contains natural ingredients in their formula can be an ideal solution for split ends without need of haircut.

Serums that nourish the split ends can be used.

Hair masks that contain natural ingredients can be preferred for hair care.