How to Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn?

Hair has a special importance and value for women. Hair lets people to look cooler and stylish by instantly changing their appearance. Hair is very important not only for women but also for men. However, hair loss problems can occur due to various reasons.

Many people experience serious hair loss problems due to both stress and seasonal changes. As soon as the autumn season comes, complaints about hair loss also increase. If you are facing hair loss problems in autumn, you can prevent hair loss and get healthier hair by using Bioblas shampoo. Here are the steps you can take to prevent hair loss in the fall:

First of all, you should change the shampoo and hair care products you are already using. The Bioblas is a brand that has made a name for itself in this field and it is for every hair type. You can also choose Bioblas products depending on your hair type.

Hair loss can also occur due to stress. You should try to stay away from stress while experiencing hair loss problem.

A good diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep help prevent hair loss.

You can make natural masks for your hair to revitalize the roots of your hair.

How to Understand If Your Hair Loss is Due to Seasonal Changes

On a daily basis, between 50 and 100 strands of hair fall from almost everyone's hair. This loss is considered normal by experts. However, these rates may vary according to each season, and an increase of 2 times may occur during the seasonal hair loss period. You can do a little test yourself to understand whether this loss is seasonal or due to other reasons. To do this test, you should not wash your hair for 3 days. Run your fingers from the front line of your hair to the back.  Put your hair on a piece of paper and repeat this process 5 times. If your fallen hair exceeds 10 to 15 strands, it means that seasonal hair loss has started. You can have stronger and thicker hair by starting to use Bioblas to prevent your hair loss.

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