How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented in Men?

There are two types of hair loss. One of these types is male pattern hair loss. In male pattern hair loss, baldness starts from the top area of the head. Although baldness in men is usually genetic, environmental and psychological factors can also cause intense hair loss in some people. Due to reasons such as excessive drying of the skin and weakening of the hair follicles, the formation of baldness may accelerate as a result of intense hair loss. At the same time, smoking, skin diseases, hormonal problems and vitamin deficiencies are among the factors that accelerate hair loss.

Hair loss in men is generally seen between the ages of 16 and 30. In general, people do not take any precautions until hair loss intensifies and they try to prevent it only by choosing a shampoo. However, hair loss can be reduced with regular care, herbal cures and hair care by using some good products. In addition, although the skin structure of each person is not the same, the hair structure also varies. For this reason, the products you want to use should be developed by experts and herbal hair care products should be chosen. In addition to the brand of the selected products, you should also pay attention to the herbal extracts and the certificates they own. 

So, how can intensive hair loss be prevented?

  • The source of the hair loss problem should be determined and a solution should be found.
  • Stress should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Nutritional habits should be examined and the vitamins and minerals needed by the hair should be consumed adequately.
  • Anti-hair loss hair care products should be used.

After men experience hair loss problem, they usually see a dermatologist and get advice.  In addition to the dermatologist, when people encounter the problem of intense hair loss, they should both see a dietitian and a psychiatrist to monitor their psychological health, because as we mentioned before, the reason for hair loss may be not only skin but also nutritional and mental problems. After getting to the root of the main problem, stopping hair loss can be supported by using good hair care products.

One of the products recommended for intense hair loss is Bioblas Forte anti-hair loss shampoo. Bioblas Forte created by experts and includes 74% herbal serums is effective in eliminating intense hair loss with its strong Herbal Complex B19 formula. In addition, Bioblas Forte, which has been examined in terms of clinical studies, can be used on the scalp in terms of PH value.

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