Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair Loss

Pregnancy period, one of the most exciting experiences of your life... There may be some unpleasant surprises after you count days to hold your baby in your arms. For example, you may experience hair loss during pregnancy due to stress and hormonal changes. In addition, the responsibility of having a baby, the sadness and stress that may be experienced during the puerperium can also lead to hair loss after pregnancy. Mothers who become sensitive after birth may experience behavioral, emotional and physical differences. Hair loss after pregnancy in women who give birth is a problem affecting one in every three women. The experts who say that hair loss should be considered normal due to changes in the endocrine glands, especially in the first six months, underline that it is an ordinary situation that can be experienced due to hormone changes in the postpartum period. 

What are the Reasons for Postpartum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, some hormones, especially the estrogen hormone, increase rapidly. After birth, these rising hormones tend to decrease suddenly. An intense hormonal change compared to the pre-pregnancy period and such changes can lead to various anxiety situations and this may cause hair loss. In general, postpartum hair loss can also be associated with breastfeeding. However, if hair loss is intense, it may be necessary to investigate whether there are unknown underlying factors.

Anemia may occur during pregnancy or postpartum period. Naturally, iron deficiency may arise. This situation can have an effect on the hair as well as on the whole body. Various vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause hair loss. In such cases, you can request a blood test from your doctor and have your blood results monitored.

How to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss?

Before you can fully enjoy the excitement and pleasure of being a mother, dealing with hair loss problems can be annoying. However, if you are aware that this is a normal situation and you take care of your eating habits with healthy foods/nutrition such as Omega-3 that can be beneficial for both your hair and baby, you can get over this situation faster.

Apart from the precautions such as a balanced diet and vitamin supplements we have mentioned, it is important that you do not skip your hair care. Especially avoiding chemicals such as hair dye, not exposing your hair to excessive heat, and using wide toothed combs are the first procedures for your hair care. In addition to these, you can strengthen the hair by giving the hair the care and vitamin it needs with natural shampoos such as Bioblas that prevent hair loss.