What Should Thyroid Patients Do About Hair Loss?

What Should Thyroid Patients Do About Hair Loss?

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid glands, which are responsible for metabolism, are one of the glands that help produce energy. Sometimes, if thyroid glands function more slowly than usual, a condition called "hypothyroidism" occurs. One of the consequences of this condition, known as low thyroid, is the hair strands and eventually, hair loss.

Thyroid and Hair Loss

When thyroid glands function more slowly than normal, it can cause many conditions such as weight gain, depression, fatigue or dry skin. One of them is hair loss caused by breakage and the hair becomes sensitive. Thyroid hormone interacts with many parts of the body. Especially sebum production and sebaceous glands, which affect the hair follicles, and therefore the hair strands are also affected by thyroid hormones. With the malfunction of the thyroid glands, the hair follicles go into a dormant state. Thus, the hair strands that are in the dormant phase gradually begin to become brittle and fall out. On the contrary, “hyperthyroidism”, another thyroid disease, occurs when thyroid glands are overactive. When the hormones work excessively, it can also cause hair loss at times. There are many reasons for the imbalance in the thyroid glands, as well as many methods to prevent it.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Thyroid Imbalance?

There are many methods that can be done against hair loss caused by thyroid diseases. It is best to consult a doctor.

  1. Laboratory Test

If you suspect thyroid glands of causing hair loss, laboratory tests might give you the best answer. Knowing the state of thyroid activity helps us to find a better way for treatment.

  1. Supplement

It is good to take supplements for hair loss that occurs if the thyroid hormone does not work. As it is better understood how the thyroid glands work after the test, it will be good to decide on a supplement program with the help of a doctor.

  1. Stress

The stress factor affecting both the functioning of thyroid hormones and the hair follicles directly is a situation that should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is an effective method to understand the problems that occur in hair.

  1. Diet

Since the hair follicles benefit from the vitamins and minerals taken through the foods, diet is also very important. Especially, you can consume foods containing iodine, selenium, iron and vitamins.