Hair Care Routine for Oily and Shedding Hair

Oily and shedding hair is a common problem for both men and women. There may be more than one reason for oily and shedding hair. Many factors such as stress, weather conditions, malnutrition, genetic factors, drugs, age and gender cause hair loss and oiliness. Oily hair causes hair strands to look weak and thin. Well then, why does our hair get oily? There is an oil gland for each hair strand under our scalp. These sebaceous glands produce a certain amount of oil every day. This oil is called sebum. This sebum protects the scalp from skin diseases by regulating the pH value of the scalp. So how can we fight against oily and shedding hair?

Do not Wash Your Hair Too Often!

Washing your hair too often will make your scalp oilier because your scalp will produce sebum to keep your strands moist, which will make your hair oilier more easily. Washing the hair every other day is ideal for maintaining sebum balance. However, some hair can be oily enough to require to be washed every day. In this process, you should be patient and wait for your hair to get used to be washed every other day. After a certain period of time, your hair will start to get oily every other day.

Pay Attention to Your Shampoo Choice

Another factor that causes oiliness and hair loss is the wrong shampoo selection. You should prefer shampoos specifically produced for oily hair that falls out. Shampoos containing vitamin B3 are an ideal solution for oily hair. B3 fights against oily hair strands with its sebum balancing feature. Thus, your hair looks more voluminous and alive. Applying the shampoo by massaging your scalp and waiting for a few minutes can reduce sebum secretion.

Stay Away from Oily Foods!

Eating oily foods can also increase sebum production on your scalp. By adding healthy foods to your diet, you can prevent your hair from getting oily and falling out.

Be Careful When Applying Heat Treatment!

Keeping the hair dryer very hot and close to the hair and blow-drying can also increase sebum production and cause the hair to become oily. 

Quantity Matters When Applying Hair Care Oils and Creams!

It is not the right to think that your hair is already oily and you should avoid using care oil and mask. You should definitely apply herbal hair care oils and masks to your hair. The point to be paid attention to here is how you apply it.  If you keep the amount of cream or hair care oil minimal and apply it without touching the roots, both your hair will become healthier and will not be oily any more.

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