What Causes Static Hair? How to Get Rid Of Static Hair?

Static hair is a hair problem that affects many women in certain periods of their life. It is mostly seen in thin and long hair and causes the hair to look unhealthy, and become difficult to comb and style. The reason for static hair should be examined and you should take care of your hair accordingly.

What Causes Static Hair?

There are many reasons for it. As we comb our hair, the comb begins to fluff our hair by revealing a negative energy charge.

Washing the hair wrong: Washing your hair with wrong methods may cause static hair. For example, rubbing our hair too much while shampooing causes our hair to break and become static when it is dry.

Using wrong combs and styling products: Using synthetic combs cause static in the hair. Instead, if you use wooden combs, you may decrease the chance of static in the hair.

Choosing wrong shampoos: Using shampoo that is not good for our hair type and skin causes our hair to become static.

Other factors that cause static in the hair:

  • Exposing the hair to too hot or too cold water
  • Using chemical products too often that disrupt the structure of the hair
  • Lack of moisture in the air
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Using too many synthetic products on the hair
  • Combing the hair too often
  • Washing the hair everyday

How to Get Rid Of Static Hair?

You can prevent static hair with taking a few precautions and following a good hair care routine. Here are some tips;

More moisture: Hair should be moistened if the static is caused by dryness. For this, products for moisturizing the hair should be used and care should be taken with natural masks.

Using blow dryers and heat stylers: Using a hair dryer disrupts the moisture and oil balance of the hair, causing the hair to appear drier and damaged. That’s why, you should minimize using blow dryer and let your hair dry by itself. Using products that expose the hair to heat also cause static in the hair. So, you should also avoid using heat stylers and such products.

Hair spray: Hair spray is also one of the solutions for static problem. Instead of applying the hairspray directly to your hair, if you spray it on your brush and comb your hair with that, you will use less amount of spray. Using too much hairspray also causes the hair to dry out and get damaged.

Wash your hair less: Washing the hair too often will reduce the moisture and oil content of the hair and cause the hair to become static. You should avoid using shampoos that contain too many chemicals.

Using combs and brushes: Plastic combs and brushes trigger static in the hair. Using ceramic, metal or wooden combs and brushes instead reduces the amount of static. Combs with more spaced-out teeth will reduce the generation of static since they generate less electrical charge.

Hair care oils: Hair care oils prevent static problem. Applying hair care oil before drying the hair prevents the hair from drying out and provides the necessary moisture. If too much oil is applied to the hair, the scalp becomes oily and as a result, your hair may look oilier.