How to Get Shiny Hair

How to Get Shiny Hair

Hair care is very important for all of us as our hair is a complementary part of our aesthetics and appearance and it is a subject that deeply affects our mood. Beautiful, shiny and glossy hair is a thing that we all dream of in general. When it comes to our hair, we try all kinds of products and cures. For this, in general, the first choice is to have the hair done with balayage or highlighting. However, having shiny hair without damaging the natural structure of the hair requires proper hair care. For this, various shampoo brands produce various hair care products. 

How Do I Get Shiny Hair Naturally?

After a healthy and regular eating habit, it is not difficult to get the shiny hair we want with a few small details.

  • Are You Sure About the Hair Care Products You Use?

When purchasing hair care products, do you pay attention to the ingredients as much as you pay attention to the brand name? When buying shampoo and conditioner, the choice should be made considering the needs of the hair. Especially if you have dry and thin hair, you should use products that will nourish your hair and prevent it from breaking and damage. Bioblas's garlic shampoo, thanks to its natural content, strengthens your hair while nourishing it, and at the same time helps it to have a bright appearance by adjusting the moisture balance it needs.   

  • No More How Shower

I know it sounds scary when I say that, but cold water makes hair look shiny. Nobody wants to take a shower with ice-cold water and get sick in the winter. So even rinsing your hair with cold water before getting out of the shower will be enough for your hair to get shiny.

  • Be Gentle

What if I told you that we should be gentle even when we dry and comb our hair? Yes, if we want shiny hair, we have to be gentle with our hair. Instead of trying to dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel after showers, gently dehydrate it with the towel and then comb it with the same gentleness. This will prevent the risks of static and breakage and will help you get the shiny hair you want.