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What is Phytosterol? Benefits of Phytosterol Shampoo to Hair

Healthy hair, which looks beautiful, shiny, strong and easy to comb, starts to deteriorate due to effects such as unconscious maintenance, wrong cosmetic product selection, irregular nutrition, chemical processes on the hair and environmental factors, and hair breakage, shedding, dullness, slow and results such as unhealthy prolongation occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the right hair care products suitable for the structure of the hair in order to have healthy and strong hair and to allow the hair to grow faster.

When it comes to the right hair care product, we think of natural ingredients. Therefore, most women who do not have healthy hair prefer herbal shampoo. But not every herbal shampoo works as we think it is, so it's important that we take it by paying attention to its content. Well, if you think what should be in the content of the shampoo we are looking for healthy hair, here is our answer.

What is Phytosterol?

Phytosterol, Phytosterols (vegetable sterols) are vegetable compounds similar to cholesterol structure found in nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds. They are white in color, have a light and characteristic smell. They are insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols. Phytosterols help lower the cholesterol rate and lower cholesterol to maintain cardiovascular health. It is also used in medicine and cosmetic products.

What are the benefits of Phytosterol shampoo to hair?

Phytosterol, which is obtained from ivy leaf extract, ensures that the hair and scalp are healthy, and it plays an effective role in growing hair healthier and faster than normal. It also nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and strands. Thus, hair loss is reduced. In this way, while the hair grows with health, it is cleaned deeply, acquires shine and comes to life. Phytosterol shampoo contains flavonoids, vitamins and minerals that increase the endurance of the hair and thicken thin hair strands and give fullness to the hair. It is also effective in repairing hair. So you have healthy and strong hair. If you want to prolong your hair and stop your hair loss by feeling the proven effect of Phytosterol active ingredient obtained from ivy leaf extract, you should get a phytosterol shampoo immediately. In this way; My hair never grows, my hair is falling too much, my hair is very weak, your troubles will disappear and you will shine with your hair.