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What are hair nourishment methods?

The most important step to have healthy hair is to nourish the hair well. So how does our hair get nourished? How is hair fed and what can we do about it? Is it enough to nourish hair with conditioner?

Although there are many researches and ingredients for hair nourishment and strengthening, expert dermatologists emphasize that the only ingredient that can nourish the hair is the protein called “keratin” and that the hair can only be fed from the root. Therefore, the best thing you can do to your hair will be a healthy diet. Shock diets, a bad diet where adequate vitamin-mineral needs cannot be met, will disrupt your body's entire functioning, including your hair. It will be beneficial for you to have your blood tests done regularly under the supervision of a doctor.

Changes in the outer appearance of the body indicate that something is wrong inside. Hair loss, breakage and wear are among these signs. No hair will fall out or fray. The diet that contains enough biotin, protein, iron, zinc and folic acid is very important, their deficiency is reflected on your hair as negativity.

The most important issue for hair health is the content of the diet. Protein-deficient diets go to the way of saving protein by putting the hair follicles in a rest period. Following these heavy diets, widespread hair loss can be seen within 2-3 months. 

Chemical Usage

Chemical shampoos, conditioners, jelly, lightening, hair dye and similar chemical products can damage the hair. The result of using these products, which disrupt the original structure, moisture balance and root health of the hair, generally results in hair loss and thinning hair strands. Instead of chemical products, a conditioner suitable for your hair can be used after every bath and shower.

Hair should not be washed daily

One of the biggest mistakes in hair care is washing the hair every day. Failure to regenerate the hair in this way will damage the hair as it prevents the hair from feeding with its own oil. It is also more fragile when the hair is wet. Wet hair should be dried with soft towels and low-set dryers. Coarse, hard brushing can cause hair to wear out quickly and look dull and can cause hair loss. 

Scraping hair does not strengthen

The only reason the hair is strong is the proper nutrition of the hair; Processes such as external cutting, scraping have no effect on the vitality of the hair. “If you scrape the hair out, it will be lush” is an urban legend and has no accuracy. Remember, the hair is root-fed, and the health of the roots depends on your diet- your daily routines.