What Does Hair Conditioner Do?

What Does Hair Conditioner Do?

Conditioner is a product that can be used by both women and men, that gives volume, softness, shininess to the hair and moisturizes the hair ends. It is generally used to detangle the tangled hair easily. Hair conditioners consist of nourishing substances and oils. 

Oils and vitamins are substances that hair needs the most to form and stay healthy. It should be applied to the hair ends and scalp by massaging with slow movements.

What are the Types of Hair Conditioners?

There are two types of conditioners, regular conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Regular conditioner is applied to the ends of the hair in order to prevent the hair follicles from getting frizzy. Leaving the conditioner on the hair for a long time can cause hair loss. It will be the most correct method of use to rinse the hair shortly after applying the conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are used for frizzy and wavy hair to take shape more easily. It is applied to clean hair immediately after shower and does not require any rinsing process. However, if the leave-in conditioners stay on the hair for more than 1 day, it may cause an oily appearance. For this reason, it will be more beneficial to use it in situations that you will have a shower the next day. Applying conditioner once or twice a week is enough. Too much can be harmful to the hair.

Benefits of Argan Oil Hair Conditioner

Argan oil conditioner is one of the most successful hair care products. It is an oil obtained by crushing the seed of argan fruit. It contains vitamins, omega and antioxidants. Thanks to vitamins, omega and antioxidants in it, argan oil conditioner makes hair look brighter, provides hair dyes to stay in the hair longer. It is effective for healthy growth. It moisturizes dry hair, so it provides easier combing. Prevents dandruff formation. Creates protection against heat such as thus blow dryer. It prevents hair loss and helps new hair formation. Argan oil conditioner is the most effective conditioner among the conditioners that restore the hair.  It is a very effective oil not only in hair care, but also in face, skin and nail care. It is known that the applying argan oil to the skin during pregnancy prevents the formation of stretch marks. It is a product that has countless benefits.