Should I Use Hair Conditioner?

Conditioner is a hair care product. It moisturizes, softens the hair and makes it easy to comb. Conditioners often contain nourishing oils and hair care ingredients. There are two types of conditioners; regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners.

Both types soften and nourish the hair, but regular conditioners are preferred more because regular conditioners can be used and are beneficial for all hair types except oily hair, but leave-in conditioners can also be used for thick and fluffy hair.

How to Apply Hair Conditioner

A regular conditioner is applied after cleaning and rinsing the hair with shampoo in the shower, squeezing the hair thoroughly and removing excess water. It is applied to the ends of the hair, not to the scalp. After applying the conditioner, it is necessary to comb the conditioner from top to bottom with a comb and blend the conditioner into the strands. After keeping the conditioner on the hair for two minutes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water. If some residue remains on the hair, it may cause oily look. In the leave-in conditioner, after applying to the ends of the hair, you do not need to wash or rinse your hair until the next shower.

The amount of conditioner is also very important. For fine hair, a hazelnut-sized conditioner will be sufficient because applying too much may make your hair oily and heavy. For thick hair, you should apply two hazelnut-sized conditioner. These amounts will be sufficient to soften the hair. You may apply conditioners each time you have shower. This will make your hair softer in time.

Why Should You Use Hair Conditioners?

Conditioners repair damaged hair and hair that is exposed to chemical treatments, and protects against high-temperature treatments. It prevents and cures the damages, losses and breakages caused by these situations. It is very practical to use. It is applied to clean hair in every shower and rinsed off after two minutes. They also have a leave-in type. Conditioners regulate the moisture balance of the hair. By creating a protective layer for the hair, they provide easy combing and easy styling effect. They soften the hair. They nourish and add an alive look to the hair with the vitamins and mineral in them. Since they are products applied to the hair ends, they increase the moisture in the hair ends so they eliminate the breakage on the hair ends.