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New Botanic Oils Shampoo and Hair Care Products For Those Who Look For Natural Shampoo

The new Bioblas Botanic Oil series, which contains natural and organic ingredients enriched with serum, specific to your hair type, took its place on the shelves.

Thanks to its organic oil content enriched with serum, it reduces the effects of external factors on the hair, nourishes and extends the hair life. Prevents hair loss.

Apart from preventing hair loss; it provides extra hair care, strengthening and protection for hair. Herbal oils which have been adopted for centuries in traditional methods such as nettle oil, laurel oil, bitter oil, poultry oil and olive oil have been used in the product family specially developed for each hair type. 

The odorless garlic shampoo, which has been developed for many years, has been offered as a star of the Botanic Oil series.

Developed by preserving all benefits and natural ingredients of garlic.