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How to Use Hair Conditioner?

After rinsing hair conditioners in the shower, the hair is cleaned with shampoo and then rinsed thoroughly by removing the excess water from the hair. It is applied to the ends of the hair, not to the bottom of the hair.

After applying the conditioner, it is necessary to comb the top down with a comb, and then apply the conditioner to the hair strands. After keeping the conditioner in the hair for two minutes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water. If there is any residue on the hair, it can make lubrication. In the non-rinsing conditioner, washing or rinsing is not done until the next shower after applying to the hair ends. The amount of conditioner is also a very important issue. For fine hair, a hazelnut-sized conditioner will suffice and excess weight will aggravate the hair. Thick hair should last in the size of two nuts. These amounts will be enough for the hair to soften. Conditioner can be used every time you take a shower. This makes hair soft over time.

Why Use Hair Conditioner?

The conditioner repairs damaged hair, exposed to chemical processes, and high-temperature hair. It prevents and treats wear, spillage and breakage caused by these conditions. It is very practical to use. It is applied to clean hair in every shower and rinsed after two minutes. Also available without rinsing. It can also be used as needed. Hair conditioners regulate the moisture balance of the hair. It creates a protective layer on the hair, allowing it to be easily combed and shaped easily. It provides noticeably softening of hair. It nourishes the hair with the vitamins and minerals it contains and adds vitality. Since it is a product applied to the hair ends, it increases the moisture in the hair ends. Eliminates breaks in the hair tip.