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Elle - Formsante - Elele editors recommend BIOBLAS Procianidin

Hair loss is an important problem for women. An effective solution against hair loss, grape seed extract, Bioblas Procianidin shampoo series may be the answer you are looking for to face this problem.

Deniz ÜNALDI :  Hair loss is annoying for everyone. Unfortunately this happens to women more often than men. My hair is straight, exposed to dye and sun all the summer long and it became weak, lost volume and started to fall off. While I was looking for an organic solution for this problem, I came across Bioblas Procianidin grape seed extract shampoo series. My hair gained volume and shine even after the first use, I saw that hair loss has also been reduced during the following uses. I used Bioblas argan oil to moisturize, nurture and brighten my hair, it did not weight on my hair and helped restore healthy appearance. Now my hair care ritual is made up of Bioblas Procianidin shampoo and argan oil..."
Duygu HAKSUN :  Due to fall, winter, spring, summer, season transitions, stress, frequent washing, the danger bells are ringing for my hair that falls off little by little. Every lost hair strand becomes a nightmare especially for the ones like me with long and fine strand hair. People with weak, thin and falling hair like me who need a savior to strengthen their hair should not wait any longer but start using New Bioblas Procianidin grape seed extract repair shampoo. Antioxidant effects of grape seed against hair loss and Phytovitamin feed strengthened my hair with vitamin supplemented herbal serum content and gave volume. It is also ideal for those who wash their hair every day like me. The other good thing I have done for my hair is definitely the Bioblas Organic Oils argan oil. I feel like I can hear my hair thanking me when I apply my last touches on my hair with the argan oil which makes my hair soft and shiny: )

Deran ÇETİNSARAÇ :  Since I have a hair loss problem independent of seasonal changes, I choose my shampoo among the anti-hair loss products. In general, I could not use these products to solve this problem with peace of mind because they dried my hair even more. Bioblas Procianidin anti-hair loss shampoo, thanks to its natural content did not cause hair loss or more drying. I had the same result even when I washed it every day. Also, the Biblas Organic Oils argan oil prevented my hair from getting electrically charged when used afterwards.. I like this product best because it can be applied not only the hair tips but also all over the hair excluding the roots. Thanks to this, I formed my hair after the bath by using this product only, I did not need any other forming product. Thanks to these two products, my bathing ritual has changed.

Filiz ŞEREF :  Life can be hard sometimes if you have fine-stranded and prone to loose volume type of hair. Processes applied to overcome this may create wearing on the hair which is difficult to repair. I gave up applying processes like blow dry and curling iron to my hair 7-8 years ago and it has a big effect. What I like most and my goal is to get my hair shine healthily and naturally as it is . Going that way of course the supporting products become your greatest helpers. I tried my products on my hair and of course there were man good products among them. However, it was annoying to give up softness while restoring volume. I mean each product had some negligible defects too. Bioblas' product for fine-strand hair provided all the properties I was looking for in such a short time and put my life in the mode of wash and go! On top of it all, it has the property of anti-hair loss, especially when it is a time of seasonal change, it increases the happiness levels by renewing the lost hair. Bioblas organic argan oil is definitely one of the best oils for hair. Medicine for light and testy hair!