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Do the hair creams work?

Using conditioner is now a must in our daily life. Because over time, the most extreme parts of our hair (washing, combing, thermoforming, sun, sea and pool water) or chemical processes (coloring / perming / straightening) can be worn.

There is a layer of scales on the hair that protects the hair against wear and tear. It is also defined as the outer covers of the hair. Thanks to this hair layer, it protects the hair moisture, remains flexible and can grow. When our hair loses its shine, there is a problem of shedding, when it is frayed, it starts to electrify, it starts to wander together, the main problem is that the scaly layer of the hair is excessively opened or damaged.

Some conditioners cause damage to the hair as much as it does because of the harmful chemicals in its content. That's why; Choosing an annotated, proven Bioblas Repair Conditioner or Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner will help you restore your health. You can also strengthen and revitalize your hair with Bioblas Hair Mask.

What Should be careful While Using Hair Conditioner?

  • It is enough to use the conditioner 1 or 2 times a week. Moreover, it can disrupt the hair's mineral and moisture balance.
  • It is important to use known and proven brands. Bioblas Argan Oil Conditioner is one of the leading products in this regard.
  • When choosing the conditioner, choose a conditioner according to your hair type. Never apply hair conditioners on the scalp.
  • Do not leave the conditioner in your hair too long. This can be harmful to your hair.